Poll tax costs

In the referendum campaign the SNP painted a picture of an independent Scotland being a cross between the big rock candy mountain and a land of milk and honey where freebies and universal benefits would abound. This persuaded hundreds of thousands of people previously unregistered on the electoral roll to sign on in the belief there would be a something-for-nothing society if the SNP won.

However, by registering, the non-payers identified themselves to their local authorities who could then more easily pursue them for their debts. They need not fear, for riding to the rescue has come John Swinney, who has told local authorities not to pursue the debts. He claims that since the tax was deemed to be unfair this was the right thing to do.

Whether it was unfair or not it was the law of the land and most of us paid it. John Swinney, in creating this amnesty, is rewarding the feckless who have flocked to the SNP in their droves, thus ensuring their continued support. It is so cynical it is sickening.

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The unpaid amount is £425 million, which cash-strapped councils are desperate for. The Scottish Government have offered to compensate councils to the total amount of £869,000. This is taxpayers’ money. The same honest taxpayers who paid their poll tax are now subsidising those who broke the law and didn’t pay.

That’s national/socialism for you. It will get worse in the weeks and months to come. Don’t blame me – I voted No.

Donald Lewis

Beech Hill


East Lothian