Political vanities

It was so interesting and so very concerning to read the article (12 January) about the extensive use of non-renewables in the production of equipment to provide 
“renewable” power.

I have a personal theory – so far untested apart from amongst people I know – that the proliferation of huge, unsightly and possibly questionable projects throughout the land is mostly to satisfy the need of politicians to be seen to be doing something.

Bridges rather than tunnels, wind turbines rather than tidal turbines, traffic restrictions rather than a traffic masterplan and even, dare I speak the name, trams rather than hybrid buses – or sorted potholes!

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Vanity projects that can be seen as boosting the egos of ­politicians (they must be seen to be doing something) are costing us dear financially and environmentally, when other more ­appropriate but less visible ­options are available to us.

There may be time ­before the forthcoming general ­election for politicians to ­realise that they are our deputies, not our masters, but I doubt if they will take it. I live in hope. Any other subscribers to my ­theory?

David Gerrard

Spylaw Park