Political class?

Asked whether they had used cannabis (your report, 14 March), Jim Murphy says “I don’t remember” and changes the subject, while Ruth Davidson replies “I went to Buckhaven High School. What do you think?” (Is she sure most of her generation there did, or is she insulting them with a “clever” remark?)

Nicola Sturgeon disrespects Scotland’s armed forces personnel by not attending the service in St Paul’s Cathedral. Ed Miliband implies his small utilitarian kitchen was all he and his wife have in their £2 million abode, ignoring their “lovely” main kitchen, then tries to excuse himself by saying it’s only for tea and snacks (despite its double oven).

The Prime Minister defends his overbearing neighbour Jeremy Clarkson (rather than, for once, maintaining a discreet silence) and the Deputy PM promotes his image on “Nick Clegg mugs” (how true).

Following the Straw/Rifkind idiocies (and disloyalty just before a general election), are our established politicians determined to prove their cluelessness?

John Birkett


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Horseleys Park

St Andrews