Pointless FFA

Patrick Harvie – a true Scot like myself – has dared to suggest something outrageous, namely that full fiscal autonomy without monetary autonomy is perhaps pointless.

Greece is the example he quoted, but with Scotland in mind? The SNP reaction was to feign typical outrage.

However, here is a man who campaigned for independence, though not believing in any sense of keeping the pound (and he looks like being wise before the event on that front), and who is now being branded as some sort of traitor for daring to oppose the nationalist view.

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This is dangerous, including for true Scots like myself who dislike nationalism, but who would happily accept differing political views.

I do believe that the Labour Party did themselves, and us, no favours by not standing up to the Nats when they were branded “Red Tories” for taking a No stance last year.

They should have been much firmer in stating that being part of the Union was their freely held belief, and one that happened to align with another unionist party. I know they tried, but it is difficult to be heard over nationalist chants.

As Patrick Harvie suggests, Greece may be an example of interest to us. I suspect we should also look at it as an example of what happens when extreme and nationalistic politics take hold.

Ken Currie

Liberton Drive