Pointless exercise

R Whitwell (Letters, 13 January) suggests the new 20mph limits in Edinburgh could be a smokescreen to cover waste ­elsewhere.

Like the many restricted turns and no-entries the council has ­installed, the limits are likely to be unpoliced and so ineffective. ACPO guidelines say limits should be appropriate to the road, the need for compliance obvious to all; if confusing or ­unclear, they will not be ­routinely enforced; and that ­enforcement should not be used to set speeds.

Every day I see cowboy drivers flouting the current prohibitions. They will ignore the new limits too. These will serve only to ­disadvantage the law-abiding, who pose little risk to others.

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The council always has money for wheezes, none for maintaining what we have. It would do better to remember that the point of roads is to make the ground smoother – and fill in the potholes.

George Byron

Comely Bank Avenue