Pointless event

Your report (13 May) outlines the tough and thorough investigations which Lord Hardie intends to adopt in his role as chairman of the inquiry into Edinburgh’s trams farce.

I confidently predict this inquiry will go the way of all public inquiries. Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money will pour into lawyers’ pockets as the inquiry drags on.

After many costly months, the chairman will produce his report which, following further delays, will exceed the length of War and Peace, concluding inevitably that no-one is to blame, no heads will roll and, worse still, those who should be held responsible will ascend to higher positions. Many will have done so already.

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Taxpayers will then have to pick up the huge tab for a charade which has gained them precisely nothing.

Nothing can prevent our city from being lumbered with a ludicrous, grotesque white elephant and the ongoing costs arising therefrom.

DJ Hollingdale