Plea declaration

As one of the 95 per cent of United Kingdom citizens excluded from the referendum that will have a lasting impact on my country, I am horrified at the national car-crash unravelling in Scotland.

Why ditch one of the most successful multinational collaborations ever for a fairy story where the true risks and costs to individual families have been fudged? The UK has delivered opportunity, progress and influence to millions of Scots over the centuries – including my family.

Great Britain has stood together as firmly in the battlefields as in the RBS taxpayer 

An unbeatable track record in intellectual and commercial collaborations has given flight to many of the world’s greatest innovations, from penicillin to the birth of broadcasting, and continues today across our business and universities.

As a plea from the disenfranchised majority, I passionately hope that the undecided take the responsible route, opt for devo-max and vote No.


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Jenny Adams

Top Lane