Plastic fantastic

Your article, “230 million reasons to save planet earth” (Perspective, 11 July), leaves the impression that plastics are to blame for many of the world’s environmental issues.

This is an unfair assertion which does not recognise the positive role plastics products play in everyday life.

Plastics packaging, for example, protects perishable goods from deterioration and increases shelf life, allowing food waste to be reduced. Plastic pipes allow the provision of fresh water and are particularly vital in developing nations.

The plastics industry around the world is united in its commitment to playing its part alongside all other involved parties in tackling the issue of marine litter in a constructive and practical way, including via the pellet loss programme, Operation CleanSweep.

Philip Law

Director general

British Plastics 


I fully endorse your leader (11 July) urging us to do more to save our planet. Sir David Attenborough, interviewed by President Obama on BBC1 on Sunday evening, said it all: education, particularly of our young women worldwide, is the best investment for reducing the biggest underlying threat to our overpopulated world.

Anne Laing

Sylvan Place