Planning advice

With regard to your report, “Perth road could destroy ashes scattering site” (1 June), I would like to clarify some inaccuracies in how PAS (Planning Aid for Scotland) is represented in your article.

PAS is an educational, and strictly non-campaigning, charity. I would emphasise that advice given by PAS is based on policy and is strictly impartial.

We do not act on anyone’s behalf, rather we encourage members of the public and community groups to engage positively in the places they live and with the planning system.

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We do this through offering a free planning advice service but we are equally involved in raising awareness of young people about their rights to be involved in their local area and delivering large scale Charretteplus community engagement projects.

PAS is also one of a group of nominated organisations which can refer its advice service clients to the Faculty of Advocates’ Free Legal Services Unit based in Edinburgh, whose members may choose to provide written advice – and potentially subsequent representation – to eligible individuals or community groups.

Petra Biberbach


Princes Street