Percentage games

What a lot of nonsense is being spouted about the so-called “45”.

The true percentage of the electorate who voted Yes is 30 per cent. Only 85 per cent of the electorate voted, so 15 per cent didn’t. Add the 15 per cent to the 55 per cent who voted No and you get 70 per cent. That leaves 30 per cent, less than one in three of the electorate, who voted Yes.

Would this vociferous minority please accept the referendum result and shut up.

Donald Lewis


East Lothian

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In a truly wonderful piece of pedantry (Letters, 1 November) Raymond Paul wants The Scotsman to refer to the group who voted Yes in the referendum as the 44.7 per cent. Is this a mark of how unsettled the unionists have become? In light of the recent polls, I wonder if Mr Paul would mind if we called ourselves the 58 per cent?

Douglas Turner

Derby Street