People power

Sovereignty of the people seems to be the current “in phrase”. According to the Scottish Government, an independent Scotland would have a written constitution stressing the sovereignty of the people.

This is needed because we are told that Scottish values are so very different to those of our neighbours.

However, surveys show that the assertion that the vast majority of those in Scotland are against Trident, are very pro-EU and believe in greater immigration are in fact left-of-centre 
ideals and if Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon et al have their way will form part of a constitution instead of, as is right and proper, a party manifesto for elections.

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What is missing from all this talk of the sovereignty of the people is who is really going to draw up a constitution – the people themselves?

I think not; it will be the same politicians (probably from all sides) and the usual pundits who fill the pages of our newspapers and the television screens day after day with their views of how different Scotland is.

I do know that they will pay scant attention to those who decide to remain British rather than change their nationality.

I have a copy of a letter from the First Minister stating that it will be possible to turn down Scottish citizenship in order to remain purely British.

If one does this – how will one be protected by what is rapidly appearing to be a left-of-centre constitution with clear political overtones or will one need the protection of rUK?

Many (including my family, who were not born here) will want to stay regardless of the outcome in September but these are questions that need to be answered before the vote.

(Dr) Roger I

Turretbank Place