People need a say

Lesley Riddoch (Perspective, 
12 May) has a point about the lack of Better Together speakers. However, I would make the observation that the whole referendum debate is being hijacked by politicians and self-appointed media commentators, of whom Ms Riddoch is a prime example.

Despite being unelected, she appears to be the main representative for Civic Scotland. What will she do when the campaign is over? What I would like to hear is the voice and opinions of the common man or woman – the people whose lives will be most affected by a Yes vote. Why are we ignored by the media?

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As a member of the largest minority group in Scotland (the 500,000 of us born south of the Border), I have become used to being ignored, but I feel that the media is doing Scotland no service by using the same commentators and politicians again and again. The referendum is not an election it is a huge, life-changing decision and yet the voices of the people are being muted. Give us our platform to say whether we think Yes or No – are we not trusted?

(Dr) Roger I Cartwright

Turretbank Place
Crieff, Perthshire