Pensions fallout

John McTernan (Perspective, 21 March) has no shame when he accuses Chancellor George ­Osborne of trashing the pensions industry.

Mr McTernan obviously forgets – or hopes we do – that the Labour Party he served really did ruin many people’s retirement when Gordon Brown removed tax advantages from the pension funds, forcing final salary schemes to be wound up.

Of course, what Mr McTernan really hates is the idea that we should be responsible for our own lives and allowed to use our own assets for what we want.

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The strange thing is that many think that it is the Tory Party that wants to keep us in our place. Mr McTernan’s article shows the controlling zeal of the typical Labour Party activist.

Power to the workers? Don’t think so.

Ian lewis

Mayfield Terrace


It occurs to me that if I were suffering from a fatal disease close to my retirement date, I would be inclined to withdraw my pension in total as a cash sum to leave to my heirs. Under the current system this money would remain in the funds to benefit other pensioners. Will this have a demographic effect on the total available for pensions?

Jenny Martin

Dudley Avenue