Pensioner power

Thankfully I received my old age pension this year at 65. I was amazed to hear firstly the Deputy First Minister and now Shona 
Robison, Scottish Government pensions minister, state that Scotland was being treated unfairly by Westminster in terms of pension age.

Apparently in an independent Scotland we can have a lower pension age than others on these islands because we die earlier.

Would it not be better to improve the health provision for our senior citizens rather than rely on early deaths to balance the pension book. It is clearly an indefensible position and one obviously designed to stoke up more resentment against anyone and anything from south of the Border. Westminster does make mistakes but I for one am happy to have my pension backed up by 65 million people rather than 5 million. I certainly do not intend to die early if I can help it just to gain Ms Robison a few more votes.

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(Dr) Roger Cartwright

Turretbank Place