Pension fears

Labour have sunk to a new low by scaring pensioners over full fiscal autonomy (FFA) which is home rule or devo-max within the United Kingdom (your report, 11 April).

Are Ed Miliband and Jim Murphy seriously suggesting that UK pensioners living in Australia, Ireland or Spain will be entitled to their UK pension contributions while those living in Scotland within the UK would not?

In any event, none of the London parties is prepared to grant home rule and Scotland’s Barnett funding is going to be reduced from next year.

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Under the Tory austerity plans, supported by Labour MPs on 13 January, Scotland’s budget will be further cut by billions every year for the next five years.

Under London’s stewardship the UK has a £1.5 trillion debt and an annual “black hole” of £90 billion and as a result Scotland’s faces pro rata cuts of £7.6bn a year whether we have FFA or not.

At least with FFA the Scottish Parliament would have the powers to grow the economy and create jobs rather than putting up with failed economic policies designed for London and the home counties.

Mary Thomas

Watson Crescent