Pavement wars

I refer to Angela Innes’s letter (1 June) and wish to point out that there are a number of cyclists who behave quite irresponsibly.

Adult cyclists cycle on the pavement for no logical reason at all. Under the Highways Agency regulations section 64 it states: “You must not cycle on the pavement.” The law is very clear on this but I rarely see this enforced.

If there is conflict between pedestrians and cyclists, as Innes suggested, it is mainly because of the irresponsible cyclist using the pavement when they are clearly not supposed to.

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This happens all the time in my city. Many times I have had to take evasive action to avoid being knocked down.

I know that in other countries this is an issue too. In New York, Nicole Kidman was knocked down by a cyclist on the pavement. Why should pedestrians have to put up with this nonsense?

Cyclists have rights, of course, but they also have responsibilities and need to learn them. And regarding her comments about the way people walk yes, Innes, the pavement is for walking, not cyclists.

Gordon Kennedy

Simpson Square