Pavement rules

The introduction of legislation to stop parking on the pavement (your report, 21 May) is a step nearer with the introduction of the Footway and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill and is to be welcomed. This bill, once it becomes law, will allow unhindered access for those cyclists who were annoyed that they could not cycle at speed along the pavement because of parked cars.

Now all that is needed is another law to get rid of all those annoying pedestrians who impede the cyclists’ progress.

Clark Cross

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Springfield Road


It is encouraging to see that a ban parking on pavements is to be considered by Holyrood to address a matter of great concern to disabled and blind people, not to mention emergency vehicle access.

In Aberdeen the problem is chronic. The police seem to turn a blind eye to the problem and traffic wardens are not empowered to issue tickets.

Dennis Forbes 

Mugiemoss Road