Party disciple

WHY Alexander McKay (Letters, 10 June) should be concerned about MPs from the SNP being corralled within a tight code of discipline by their party is something of an eye-opener, considering he invariably attacks everything associated with the SNP.

If there is a strict discipline operating within the SNP, surely this will not adversely affect his published attacks.

Instead, it should mean plain sailing for him as he won’t have to praise any SNP MP who expresses a view contrary to the party line – which might confront Mr McKay with a difficulty. He might also struggle to commend a dissident MP without acknowledging the apparent freedom that MP has been allowed.

Anyhow it is thoughtful of him to seem to care about those he terms the footsoldiers of a party he obviously abhors. Because without footsoldiers it is highly unlikely there would be a party.

I wonder which party he adheres to? Whatever one it is it can certainly count on him not straying from any anti-SNP stance it professes. 


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Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive

Peterhead, Aberdeenshire