Packaging doubts

Sheila Duffy (Letters, 2 April) is yet again on her high horse advocating plain packaging on cigarettes, saying that this will discourage young people taking up smoking.

Where is the evidence for this? Young people are not influenced by packaging but by their peers; they want to “fit in”, therefore will go with the flow so as not to feel ostracised.

If Ms Duffy really wants to make a difference in the attitudes of our young people then she should be lobbying for education in primary schools After all, Fife Council says sex education to six year olds has worked in bringing down teenage pregnancies and Kenny MacAskill claims education has reduced knife crime.

Why is ASH not showing our six year olds diseased lungs and livers caused by smoking and drinking? This would have a far bigger impact than plain packaging ever would – though anonymous packaging does not seem to have put youngsters off cannabis.

Linda Dunn


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Dunfermline, Fife