Our distant MPs

Maria Fyfe (Letters, 25 October) asks, if Alex Salmond goes to Westminster, “will Scottish MPs no longer be accused of not caring about Scotland?”

I can state that SNP MPs work for Scotland in that remote parliament, but the Unionist ones – as we’ve seen throughout the indyref – work for London suzerainty. And who better to back me up than Johann Lamont in her farewell message to her mates down south.

Clearly, Labourites from England and Scotland alike do not know how Scotland works and what would serve her best. Given the way that Ms Lamont claims Scotland is being treated (as a branch office) the Westminsterites do, indeed, not care about Scotland – and that is an answer from Ms Fyfe’s own ex-party leader in Scotland.

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Unless Labour is unique, this is the prevalent view in Westminster of Scots: a people genetically incapable of making political ­decisions.

What we can glean from her farewell attack is that the Scots were misled by false premises and false promises. Ms Lamont and the London Tories’ other bedfellows were experiencing and denying exactly what the Yes campaign was fighting against – rule by the arrogant, based on ignorance, backed up by a lust for domination.

The irony is that Johann Lamont may very well join these people distant from Scotland.

Thomas R Burgess

St Catherine’s Square


Maria Fyfe is being disingenuous or is in denial about the SNP’s Great Leap Forward at the ­expense of Scottish Labour’s meltdown.

Either way, she knows that the presence of the SNP’s big beast 
in the Commons, when the party is likely to be a crucial force 
after the next general election, would massively boost their clout when it comes to extracting the best deal for Scotland during the coming constitutional ­negotiations.

It goes without saying that the sooner the SNP is not sitting in Westminster, the happier party members will be, as we will then be independent.

David Roche

Hill House

Coupar Angus