Opportunity lost

I HAVE been trying to pick my way through SNP jargon to find what the leadership means by such words as unity and equality and if responsibility, aspiration and choice are allowed.

What I see is a tired old leftist mantra of level playing fields and equality of outcome rather than the leg-up and equality of opportunity which served so many of us so well.

To me what matters is what works in health and education because uniformity is pointless if standards do not improve and results are more important than whether it is public or private.

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The “all shall have prizes” hokum has dumbed down education and the idea that the public sector must have a monopoly on the delivery of a dismal monolithic care is absurd.

In her one-party state First Minister Nicola Sturgeon needs to tone down her predecessor’s politics of envy and find a place for aspiration or there will be an exodus of the young and the 

(Dr) John Cameron

Howard Place,

St Andrews, Fife