Open season

ON MY return from holiday I came across your story about the reaction of some nationalists to Barrhead Travel’s Bill Munro’s ­declared opposition to independence (“Anger after travel boss ­e-mails staff to attack Yes vote ‘disaster’”, 1 April).

More worrying for me was a singularly unpleasant postcard waiting for me, obviously in response to the pro-Union letters I have had published.

This was not the first of such communications I have received. There is a general acceptance that Scottish nationalism tries hard to be a benign phenomenon but I would suggest that nationalism generally can stir up unattractive emotions in certain individuals, which can all too easily spiral out of control.

It has been suggested to me that if I oppose Scottish nationalism I must be a British nationalist. My reaction to that is that my support for the United Kingdom is based on the tolerance and mutual understanding generated by having a number of nationalities within one society.

While by no means perfect, such an arrangement is an incredibly civilising influence from which we would be foolish to withdraw. 


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John Milne 

Ardgowan Drive 

Uddingston, South Lanarkshire 

ALISTAIR Darling needs to keep abreast of political news with regard to his recent comments on cybernat critics (your report, 2 April). For example, the independence issue was a real live one long before either he or Alex Salmond were conceived.


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What is so terrible about politely criticising businesses online or elsewhere when there is justification?

I’d be happy to have a go at any business which, for the sake of profit, imported materials when the same items are produced here or which would not employ people because of their beliefs.

Margaret Salmond

Dunbar Street


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