Open for business

It’s easy for Bob Dudley, BP’s chief executive, to talk of “big uncertainties” facing the energy sector and equally predictable that former Labour chancellor Alastair Darling, leader of the Better Together campaign, follows through by urging more anti-independence business leaders to weigh in.

Mr Dudley’s very choice of words underlines the fact his uncertainty stems from two factors.

Firstly, a fear of legislative change that might require time and attention while an independent Scotland prepares the way for energy policies that guarantee a sustainable future.

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And secondly, shallow dismissal that takes no account of the opportunities to do things differently that will boost prospects for development and increase profit, rather than diminish it, for BP.

Has it occurred to BP that Scotland, in seizing the opportunity to take control of its own destiny, will evolve a national plan that will encourage industry and all that is vital for a wealthy economy to flourish?

The BP Group delivered £169 billion in operating cashflow in 2013. Much to its credit, and our benefit, most of it went into capital investment. Alongside welcoming BP’s massive investment in the North Sea, I would respectfully ask Mr Dudley to listen and take proper account of what is taking place today.

Think more deeply and see the reality of impending changes of which he could benefit and see the people of the country, in whose land and waters his company operates, to their great benefit.

Dan Macdonald

Chairman Macdonald