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Circuit training

Scotland will not face a temporary lockdown labelled a ‘circuit breaker’ as the country continues to battle the continued spread of Covid-19, said Nicola Sturgeon.

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I fully support the FM on this as she has nearly eliminated the virus.

Nikoliar Slamondski

And the organ grinder grinds on.Not to tell us what she is going to do but what she is not going to do. Are we any wiser?That's another Me-me show in the bag for which she is paid handsomely.

Eec pluto

Mrs Sturgeon: "I'm not proposing another lockdown - because there's going to an election in a few months and I can't afford to lose votes Weegieland and Dumpdee."

Ah’m no bluffin

I think Nike realised that the dreaded English were not going into lockdown so she would look a right [email protected] if she locked us down even more.

Peter Villanelle

"We are not about to shut down the entire economy," she says. No fears there, Mrs Murrell, your incompetent c!owns have managed it without any help from Covid. As for shutting down pubs,too near the hearts of your core vote,think of all those lost votes,unlikely.

Capt Jeffrey Spaulding

I wonder if everyone who cancelled short breaks or holidays will now rebook? I have my doubts. Another nail in the tourism industries coffin- and for what?

Garry Coutts

As an American who loves Scotland and has been to the Highlands twice… outside the towns it really isn’t that hard to social distance.....hence the appeal.

Leonard R Frederick Jr

"I'll tell you what we're not going to do"--"Not what we are going to do"----Sums up the Snats mentality – idiots.

Howard Merriott

I really think Nicola is trying to her very best. I defy anyone to do this awful job at these dire times. Easy to make critical remarks - but what would you do? Especially when the purse strings lie with Westminster.

Annie Pollock

Why dont they just enforce the already made rules !

Alasdair Maclean

So, in short, "we're going to continue doing nothing."

Larenti Zapnadi

Call to act