Online safety

I write in full support of Russell Hopwood’s letter (13 April), which commended the Conservatives’ proposals to protect under-18s from harmful internet content.

If the Scottish parties are serious about their committal to the moral, social and financial prosperity of this country, I would urge them to take this opportunity to demonstrate their credentials by fully supporting this 
legislation. This is not about infringement of liberties or draconian censorship; it is about government being aware of the risks that accompany the advantages of the rapidly-changing digital age, and acting responsibly and protectively. Protectiveness is a vital ingredient of leadership, and I sincerely hope we will see cross-party support for these measures.


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Beachfield Way


A very pertinent point is raised by Russell Hopwood regarding online safety and the prohibiting of under-18s from accessing adult material.

As a father of four children, this is an ongoing concern and the proposal by the Conservatives for age-restriction controls is to be highly commended.

The primary responsibility of a government is to protect its citizens and the protection of under-18s from explicit material on the internet is a welcomed plan.

I look forward to the Scottish Government also making this commitment, and Scotland a safer place to bring up our 

Graeme Paterson

Corbiehill Road