One-party state

THE Scottish Parliament voting system is no longer fit for purpose given the predicted scenario that the SNP may win all the first-past-the-post seats at the 2016 Holyrood elections. Under the list system it would be entitled to more seats under the second vote.

On the Scottish Parliament website it is stated that it is unlikely that any one party will win a majority and coalitions are likely to be formed. The regional list system is flawed in that a party could win votes in all regions but get insufficient to be entitled an MSP. My understanding is that in the last election the Pensioners’ Party would, if Scotland were regarded as one list, have won enough votes to entitle it to one MSP.

To have a situation where one party might win all the first-past-the-post constituencies and then be entitled to further list seats can hardly be said to be democratic and is certainly not any form of proportional representation. Indeed, the present system when applied to a unicameral legislature such as Holyrood where one party wins all the first-past-the-post seats creates, in practical terms, a one-party dictatorship.

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Alasdair HM Adam

Kellyburn Park

Dollar, Clackmannanshire