On the contrary

The usual suspects, from Johann Lamont to Alistair Darling, seem delighted to hear that Scotland will be financially insolvent if we become independent, especially once oil revenues run out (your report, 8 March). They seem to relish the possibility that our oil and gas sector will collapse with dire effects on the industry in Scotland.

This is despite the industry claiming the opposite. I wonder what their friends in the UK 
Government are planning to avoid the effects of this projected disaster.

Perhaps they could explain how, on the one hand, Scotland is doing so well out of being in the UK when on the other hand, we don’t have a good enough economy to support ourselves.

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Where exactly are we spending all this so-called “generous funding”?

The GERS report demonstrates that Scotland is paying its way. Many of our financial parameters are better than those of the UK, despite the fact that we are funding the UK’s militaristic excesses.

The independent Office for Budget Responsibility even says that Scotland will be fiscally better off than the UK before 2016-17 with a smaller deficit, as a share of GDP, than the UK (George Kerevan, Perspective, 8 March).

Jonathan Gordon

Gylemuir Road


Isn’t it strange that when anybody else suggested there might be difficulties funding pensions, defence and welfare post-independence, especially given the volatility of oil revenues, they were accused by the SNP of “talking Scotland down”, when all the time the Scottish Government was expressing the same

Jane Ann Liston

Largo Road

St Andrews