Olympian gaffe

Insulting people for having the temerity to express a view contrary to one’s own is not only overbearing but indicative of false argument.

I am the person Hamish 
Wilson (Letters, 13 August) quotes as having written to you suggesting that money lavished on the Olympics’ opening and 
closing ceremonies would be better spent elsewhere, and I fully respect his right to feel

Arrogantly including me among his “Flat Earth Society” members and “Olympics 
deniers” (what does that mean?) contributes nothing to what should be constructive and enlightening debate.

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Such discussion requires prior identification of the connection between the “celebrations” and the sports competition: my view is that none exists.

I assume the original function of these ceremonies to be to bring all competing athletes and officials together to be welcomed and applauded by the public.

However, I believe that up to half of the host country’s own Team GB were not in the stadium for the opening, indeed some were not even in GB, but training abroad.

Understandably, maximising the chances of winning was prioritised over parading, given that the ceremony would go on past midnight, with the British team last to enter the stadium. Whose bright idea was that?

An earlier start or a rest day to follow could surely have been arranged.


Ormiston Road

Tranent, East Lothian

The bus carrying our Olympic medallists should start at the former Commonwealth Games site in Edinburgh, and end at the site of the coming 2014 games in Glasgow.

Problem solved!

John Smart

Kineddar Street