Oil-obsessed SNP

The constant focus of the SNP government on oil (your report, 24 June) just shows their utter lack of both environmental and economic credentials. Has the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico taught them nothing?

The Green argument for independence is focused on the benefits to the environment and social justice that independence would bring about. It is about breaking Scotland's ties to negative policies on the arms trade, Trident, foreign policy and energy regulation.

It is based neither on flag- waving and national identity, nor on a desperation to cling to dirty funds from dirty sources, which seems to be one of the SNP's few motivations.

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Once again, we see the outdated nature of the SNP's agenda, their lack of vision or forward thinking. Instead of focusing on our dwindling oil supplies as a source of revenue, apparently in the belief it will last forever, they could have mentioned the billions that would be produced if a significant investment into Scotland's renewable energy industry was made. They continue to ignore their own huge drain on public funds – the building of an additional, unnecessary and unpopular bridge across the Forth.

Any green-washing they now attempt in order to masquerade as environmental pioneers to any European neighbours is futile when they have such an ingrained love of oil at their core. Green does not paint over black.


Green MSP for Glasgow

Scottish Parliament