Off the scent

I have obviously rattled the kennel door of John Murdoch (Letters, 8 November).

He is deliberately ignoring the whole point of my letter in that children and adults are being killed or seriously injured by dogs.

How many times have we heard the words “he’s a friendly dog” as they jump up or come charging towards you?

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There are nine million dogs in Britain but Mr Murdoch does not mention any support for the proposed Dangerous Dogs Act.

Once this is law then the people who think it is macho to have intimidating dogs will perhaps think twice. These people live in social housing.

They are the ones who do not look after their dogs but allow them out unsupervised to foul our gardens and streets and be a danger to the public.

Mr Murdoch’s letter goes on about being surrounded by dogs, none of which bit anyone, and he lives in social housing. I lived in a prefab and my grandfather had two gun dogs.

If housing associations impose a “no dogs” rule then there will be far fewer children at risk.

I am sure Mr Murdoch is a paragon of virtue and he will agree that saving one child from disfigurement is well worthwhile.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road


Dogs are our greatest companions. However, like us they need their own space. It is important to educate children that the dog’s basket is sacrosanct and they should not try and get in it with the dog, which of course they will still do.

Similarly, they should not go near the dogs when they are being fed. Even small children can frighten a dog if they move quickly and in an unexpected way.

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I have been amazed how our dachshunds have adapted to the grandchildren, but I still would not leave them alone in the room with the children, as I would never forgive myself if a child was bitten and someone would then say you must have the dog put down.

Children squabble and dogs fight one another. Unfortunately, if a dog “squabbles” with a child it can only use its teeth and the child will come off worse.

Guy Chappell