Off message

I recently received a mailshot from Cancer Research UK seeking a donation, as I’m sure numerous households did.

I cannot tell you how upsetting it may be for people to see the words “Christmas is here. So is Dad” on the envelope, if, like me, they have lost their father. My father died last October, aged 85, after a long battle with cancer, and he is not here, and won’t be here at Christmas.

I appreciate that the appeal is being made by someone who believes her father survived the disease due to treatment funded by Cancer Research UK, and that that is the context of the slogan.

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However, I’m very ­surprised the slogan was deemed suitable for a fundraising campaign, when it is ­obviously potentially a very distressing message for a bereaved person to receive.

I hope this charity will take more care when planning future campaigns, so no future material as upsetting as this is sent out.

Judi Martin