Numbers game

Alastair Harper (Letters, 19 August) correctly says that population growth can’t go on forever.

In fact, during the 1950s, Britain’s inability to sustain a modest population of just 51 million led the British government to encourage emigration to Australia.

Our present population of 63 million presents similar unspoken problems, and for Britain to have accepted mass immigration over the past decade or so was arguably an economically and socially unsound policy.

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The many who have come here to find a better life are sadly unsupportable, as the continued collapse of our public services clearly shows.

Malcolm Parkin

Gamekeepers Road

Kinnesswood, Kinross

You published two excellent letters from Dr Stephen Moreton and Alastair Harper on unsustainable population growth

There is another aspect to this – unsustainable immigration.

The Labour Party committed what is akin to treason when it deliberately opened the floodgates to immigrants from all over the world.

The result was a housing shortage.

The well respected think-tank Migrationwatch reported that 65,000 new houses need to be built every year specifically to house immigrant families.

The other excuse for unfettered immigration was that it was needed to pay for our pensions.

However, this excuse was totally discredited by both the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee and the UN World Economics Social Survey Report.

We now need to stop all immigration, especially those who are economic migrants and whose aim is a life on welfare and living in social housing all paid for by us.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road