Nuclear partners

Reports that the Ministry of Defence is planning to move the submarine bases on the Clyde to Wales are most disturbing.

Do those proposing this madness of shutting down the Royal Navy bases in Scotland think they will somehow be safer? Do they imagine if a base in Pembrokeshire was attacked in a future nuclear holocaust that the resultant cloud would stop at the border with Scotland?

Or is it merely that they wish to feel morally superior? Do they not realise that the reason for our nuclear arms is as a deterrent and to stop wars and in that they have been eminently successful?

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In either case the result of this dogma-driven obsession with Trident will be the loss of tens of thousands of jobs and the decimation of an entire economy.

Would it not be better to put the energy expended in this madness into a multi-lateral and guaranteed gradual disarmament of all nuclear weapons on this 

Alexander McKay

New Cut Rigg