Nuclear options

David Steel attacks the Scottish National Party for only being interested in moving Trident nuclear weapons to England (Comment, 29 February). This is a red herring. A new report from Scottish CND – Trident: Nowhere to Go – proves conclusively that moving Trident is not a realistic option.

None of the alternative sites proposed for Polaris in 1963 are viable today. The option of basing the British Trident fleet in the US was considered in 1981 and rejected. Operating the nuclear submarines from France can be dismissed for similar reasons.

This means that if the people of Scotland eject Trident then Britain will have no nuclear weapons. If Britain gave up its nuclear status this would challenge other states to follow suit. Calling for the removal of Trident from the Clyde is not a Nimby argument. It would have a major impact on the global threat from these weapons of mass destruction. Nuclear disarmament begins at home.

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John Ainslie

Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Southpark Avenue