Nuclear option

Dr A McCormick may be surprised that I agree with him on two points (“‘Scaremongering’ over climate change”, Letters, 2 April).

I agree with his concerns about population growth although this appears a taboo subject with politicians.

The world population stands at 7.24 billion and is growing at the rate of 80 million a year. People cause pollution, and the dreaded greenhouse gas emissions, but politicians are frightened of saying this for fear of offending those groups with high birth rates. Then there is nuclear power.

There are 435 nuclear reactors worldwide generating cheap electricity with another 71 under construction and many more planned

Nuclear supplies France with 77 per cent of its needs.


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Germany planned to shut all its nuclear plants after Fukushima but has now been forced to build coal-fired plants.

To compound its troubles, Germany gets its gas from Russia.

Now the UK government is running scared of the lights going out and firms are being encouraged to sign energy contracts which could see their power cut at times of peak demand to prevent blackouts.

The UK, especially Scotland, ­relies too much on mega-expensive unreliable renewables.


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Nuclear plants would provide security of supply and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Clark Cross

Springfield Road

Linlithgow, West Lothian