Nuclear intent

Michael Sheridan’s cleverly constructed article on an imagined constitution (Friends of The Scotsman, 30 June) states that nuclear disarmament is not a category for its inclusion.

However, the United Nations has invited all countries to 
sign the non-proliferation treaty and, in return, the five permanent members and nuclear states of the Security Council have agreed to reduce their stocks (which they have done) and then to zero (for which they are making no attempt to consider).

The declaration of intent by the Scottish Government has severely shaken the UK and United States governments as they depend on big power chauvinism by threatening the first-use of Trident to impose their will on the rest of the world.

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The military knows that 
nuclear weapons are not needed for our defence and that they are an 
enormous waste of money and resources.

But only retired generals and admirals are allowed to speak out.

Ray Newton

Buckstone Way