Nuclear danger

Claims have been reported that in the event of a Yes vote English yards would be more than capable of building Royal Navy Warships.

It has been suggested that yards such as Appledore, Merseyside, Tyneside and Portsmouth could build such vessels.

For some reason they have left the Birkenhead and Barrow-on-Furness yards off their list where all the nuclear submarines were built.

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Is it not a little bit strange that none of these yards south of the Border are considered capable of demolishing any of the highly dangerous nuclear submarines which, according to the Defence Minister Philip Hammond have now been foisted on Rosyth in Scotland?

These reactors, which weigh about 50 tonnes, are considered dangerous for thousands of years and will be a major problem for future generations in Scotland.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD)plan appears to be “out of sight and out of mind” so long as it is north of the Border.

Last March, John Ainslie of the campaign for Nuclear Disarmament said: “It is appalling that the MoD have deliberately concealed for two years a major nuclear incident at Dounreay whereby a radiation leak had taken place.”

Donald J Morrison

Haig Street