Notional anthem

In reference to recent correspondence I agree with most writers that Flower of Scotland is not a suitable “anthem”. An anthem needs to be uptempo and should be about the present and future. Referring to battles 700 years ago seems inappropriate to me (battles 300 years ago are also wrong to celebrate but that’s 
another subject).

Scotland should look forward, not back and, therefore, I would suggest another Corries song, Scotland Will Flourish, which is upbeat and the words far more appropriate.

I am also concerned that the Scottish Government does not appear to have considered what colour our country will be on a map after independence.

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I am old enough to have been taught geography showing how much pink there was on any world map and I, for one, am a bit fed up with most people outside Britain pointing to the whole island and calling it England – a term that is not discouraged from some down south.

I would suggest indigo, which is bright enough to make people think before identifying our country wrongly.

Watt Smellie

Raeburn Crescent

Whitburn, West Lothian