Not listening

PRIME Minister David Cameron’s contriteness at the Conservative Party conference did not stir me.

Although admitting he did not take on board majority public opposition to the minority policy of gay marriage, he hinted that he would now listen more.

Sadly, his conference speech did not suggest a listening Prime Minister.

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At a time when we are waiting for the usual winter hike in energy prices, there were no promises to take on the greed of the utility companies, the huge financial windfalls for rich landowners who agree to put up more useless windmills, and no commitment to dump the costly green agenda for good.

There were no words promising cuts in the bloated UK overseas aid budget which he seems to see as a personal triumph.

Finally, there was no proof he has started telling the European Union we want change and a date for the end of the UK commitment to the European Human Rights court and its decisions.

There was much missing from his Brighton speech and the British people will not be easily conned by words and no action.

Iain J McConnell

Gifford, East Lothian