Not Farry's fault

Your Jim Farry obituary (12 November) serves to propagate myths surrounding the Scotland v Belarus match in 1997.

Jim Farry initially took the position not to reschedule the game after a threat from Sepp Blatter that Scotland would forfeit the match if it was rearranged. Also, the Belarussian FA was looking to be compensated if the match was postponed for 24 hours. Additionally, Buckingham Palace had given the go-ahead for the game to take place on the original date. These combined events led to Mr Farry taking the stance he did.

As public outrage reached its crescendo and pressure was applied by public figures and certain players, Mr Farry was in a no-win situation. When he revealed Fifa's threat to award the tie to Belarus, Blatter denied any knowledge of it. He hadn't put anything in writing and had no qualms about hanging the SFA secretary out to dry.


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