Not enough detail

Angus Edmonds (Letters, 11 June) asserts that it is unbelievable that voting to stay with the UK will lead to greater ­devolution.

All three main UK parties 
have unequivocally stated the 

Mr Edmonds should take another look at the SNP’s unbelievable continuously repeated assertion that a Yes vote will lead to a fairer and less unequal society.

It never spells out how that can be achieved from a position of continuing financial deficit, or whose assets will be redistributed to try to achieve it.

Yes and No camps both need to come up with more back-up information for their positions. In particular, the SNP has to go back over its Scotland’s Future manifesto and flesh out its generalities. It’s no good asking folk to accept blindly that it will be all right after independence is ­confirmed.

Joe Darby