Not Capone’s car

While having no desire to add to the free publicity that William McVicar is already getting in his efforts to sell his house, as the daughter of William C 
Miller-Thomas of Ley I feel I must repudiate some of the false information (your report, 29 June) of its history and my father’s place in it.

My father never met Al Capone and certainly never bought a car from him, neither did he conduct any business with him or operate an illegal trade offshore in bootleg whisky during Prohibition.

He did in fact buy an American Buick in 1938 and shipped it over in his baggage on the Queen Mary. He sold it immediately after the war and it was last seen motoring down the drive, not being buried in the garden!

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I trust this will put an end to the nonsense even if it does spoil a good story.

Patricia Bertram

Church Street