Norway model

Look to Norway, says Alex Salmond. Norway has a high standard of living, high wages and we pay high taxes for all our social benefits.

We pay 25 per cent value added tax on all goods and services. Food is 15 per cent, but toiletries, e.g. toothpaste, washing powders etc, is 25 per cent. A pint of beer is almost £10. In other words, there is a lot of indirect taxation. As for the Norwegian National Health Service, here we also have a lot of indirect taxation.

Although we do not pay the full price for medical help and medication, everyone has to pay a stipulated price.

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When one has reached the threshold of £200, we get what is called a “free card” and most health expenses are then free. Visiting your GP costs roughly between £15 and £20, operations £20-£50.

We have a good health system, everyone is cared for.

I am not for an independent Scotland. I fear that independence will, financially, cost the Scots more than the benefits that Alex Salmond claims will be brought.

Laila M Bakke

Bellevue, Bergen