No wish to judge

I WOULD like to reassure Angus Logan regarding his fears about secularists’ “real” views. (Letters, 29 April). We have neither the wish nor the right to judge the metaphysics of our fellows. The freedom of adults to choose religious belief for themselves is very important, as is their right to express political views.

An atheist might well debate the rationality of those beliefs, but a secularist wishes only for religion to be disentangled from the mechanics of the state.

While the state must protect freedom of speech for all, it is not its job to promote or give a privileged platform to any private ideological position.

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If state schools are to be legitimate recruiting grounds for the religious, we must ask to which other passionately felt ideologies should we be opening the classroom door? An even playing field is not asking for the moon and is a far cry from the persecution of Mr Logan’s imagination.

Neil Barber

Edinburgh Secular Society

Saughtonhall Drive