No to negativity

I was very disappointed by the deeply negative tone of George Kerevan’s column (Perspective, 26 March). His passion for breaking up the UK is all well and good, but his negative attacks on anyone who dares challenge his beloved SNP are most unhelpful to a civilised debate.

Furthermore, his article seems to overlook the facts of SNP policy as he aims to denigrate its opponents.

When he talks about the SNP trying to do a deal with Labour in 2010, he conveniently fails to mention that in the run-up to that UK election, First Minister Alex Salmond, at the launch of the SNP manifesto, said people in England should vote for Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

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Mr Kerevan also attacks means-testing yet hundreds of devolved policies are means-tested by his party – school meals in secondary schools, or school uniform payments, to name but two.

And finally, Mr Kerevan must have been out of the country recently when Mr Salmond endorsed the benefits cap of the UK Government in an interview with a Sunday newspaper.

Please, more facts, less attack.

Thomas McCafferty

Drumbrae South