No road sense

On COMPLETION of the tram works in Edinburgh, I envisaged the tram line – even in it’s restricted form – as complementing the capital’s already integrated bus service. Instead, the City of Edinburgh Council proposals outlined in your report (1 June) fly in the face of this, there being no sense in separating buses from buses and buses from trams – fragmentation rather than integration. George Street, as a circuitous route, with its traffic crossings and two splendid squares at 
either end is patently unsuitable as a main bus thoroughfare.

I question further whether the anticipated number of cyclists using the new George Street cycle “lane” justify restrictions on access to the street and the 50 per cent loss of shopper parking involved. Also, what business case realistically exists for extended pavement cafes/restaurants on Princes Street justifying west to east use of the street for trams only? Furthermore, any proposal that fails to allow taxis the most direct route along Princes Street for the important journey to Waverley Station from the west is little short of barking mad. I agree with Denzil Skinner, chairman of business group Essential Edinburgh, that this proposal should be put on hold pending further debate.

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Mike Dunsmore

Lansdowne Crescent