No need for alarm

Brian Wilson (Perspective, 
2 August) always makes a great “alarm” about Scotland becoming a “foreign” country, emphasising difficulties over currency, trade etc. These are over done and are purely because Westminster refuses to give answers. Trade and travel between Eire and the UK cause no problems, while the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands are not even part of the UK, but they have no problems.

Brian Wilson states that the Uist Rocket Range would be transferred to Aberforth in Wales. I cannot locate Aberforth in Wales. Regardless, I don’t think a range anywhere in Wales would be welcomed by Eire as the test rockets would come over Eire after passing over a very busy sea route. He babbles on about the flat rate of postal charges in the UK. This only applies to mainland Scotland – and not always there. I don’t think it will be long before the now-privatised Royal Mail starts introducing increased charges for remote areas.

He also keeps on talking about subsidising renewable energy in Scotland. Renewable energy in Scotland is heavily charged for connection to the national grid. The only area it is subsidised is in the south of England.

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Probably the best solution 
for energy supplies to Uist 
and the other Outer Islands is to make them self-sufficient through wind, wave and tidal generators. There are likely to be very few occasions when there is no wind, waves or tide. Keep going Brian; the people of 
Scotland are not stupid.

Dr E L Lloyd

Belgrave Road