No immigration

The rose-tinted view of Azeem Ibrahim regarding immigration (Opinion, 1 April) probably had some merit in the 1960s, but certainly not so 50 years later.

His argument that Britain should have a fairer immigration system assumes that we should have immigration in the first place, but in the economic circumstances that Britain now faces, there is no longer any justification for this.

We have done our duty for a century or more in supporting and accommodating the vagrancy of the world, but now is the time to take care of our own people, as we face our own uncertain future.

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EU membership has laid Britain open to an influx of those who have managed to gain access to any EU country, and their target EU destination is always Britain, whose welfare system is open to all, due to the innate fairness of the British people.

For a period at least, we must be excused from our duties, as we get our own house in order.


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