No for change

I am thoroughly mystifed by a letter from Professor Bryan
MacGregor (Letters, 5 September).

Prof MacGregor complains about several things, including “inequalities in education, health, housing and life expectancy”. He also criticises “banking excesses” and “Europe’s largest nuclear weapons arsenal on the Clyde”. As he mentions that he wants “to change these things”, he plans to vote Yes, he says.

This is very puzzling, since most of these very matters are completely controlled by the SNP and have been ever since they were elected in 2007. Is he not aware of this, or does he live in a different universe in which such matters are Westminster’s responsibility?

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Equally, the banking excesses were actively encouraged by one Alex Salmond, who wrote to Fred Goodwin to offer whatever help he could in RBS’s takeover of ABN Amro, which effectively bankrupted Scotland.

Moreover, at the moment, the “nuclear arsenal” on the Clyde is the one thing that will prevent Mr Putin from attempting to
attack us with his own.

If he wants to improve things, the professor should most definitely vote No and elect a party to run Scotland who will actually do something to improve the matters he lists.

Andrew HN Gray

Craiglea Drive