No faith in faith

A last word in response to the letter from Barry and Helen Hughes (16 October), who described me as arrogant and egotistical because I take offence at the many thousands of people who abuse the benefit system to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.

They then suggest religion should be our guide. Religious people are the most egotistical of all. Could there be a more arrogant stance than suggesting that we are special and made in the image of a god?

Religion has caused the greatest divisions and wars between men since time began and they never let up in their zeal to prove that their way is the righteous way. If proof were needed, take a look around the globe: there are religious wars going on as we speak.

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Better to accept we are here to do our best because when we’re gone there’s barely a smudge to show we stood on the sand, unless of course you’re a Newton or Einstein.

In any case, the abuse of the benefits system must be reduced so that those who are actually in need get the help they deserve.

Socialists seem to think they occupy the moral high ground but what could be more immoral than allowing abuse of any kind, physical or economical, on the basis that we fill every outstretched hand instead of checking validity?

Stan Hogarth

Palmerston Place